Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2012: Myth, Lunatic Musings or the "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius? - Episode 2

Okay, so last evening I went to see the 2012 Movie and before I continue, it must be mentioned that I will be posting my musings in installments. Not sure how many episodes it will take yet, but bear with me, if you will....

Let me say, at the outset, that I found a few encouraging aspects to the movie and the first is; Roland Emmerich didn't bombard us with the absolute darkness of 'Doomsday'.

Most of the effects that could cause global catastrophe have been scientific postulation for some time now and have even been viewed on National Geographic Channel before, like the potential eruption of the Yellowstone caldera. However, I wasn't so sure of the inordinate heating of the earth's mantle due to the solar flares phenomenon.

Another thing I thought could have been more fully explained was, since Yellowstone does erupt in the movie, the effects of the volcanic fallout don't carry through and the atmosphere clears too soon. Would such an eruption not cloud the atmosphere for several months or even years, causing perpetual winter??

Other potential possibilities, such as Polar Shift and Earth Crust Displacement have been discussed before by people like Graham Hancock in 'Fingerprints of the gods' and Roland brought those all into play. Whether or not such a global scenario would bring all these potential phenomena into action all at once, or even in the form of a chain reactions remains to be seen.... if indeed the global cataclysm portrayed is in fact on the cards - 2012, or not!

Suffice it to say, that I walked away, able to seperate what I thought to be the chaff from the kernels, but are my chaff and kernels the same as everyone else's? That is the question....

I repeat what I said before.... if 2012 is to be the event that changes the global consciousness for the better, we need to entertain the very real fact that humankind does not heed the wake-up call without a good, solid kick in the gluteous maximus...

The movie supplies a good few of those!!

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