Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Malema: Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!!

I'm not sure I get it and, if someone can show me I'm not getting it, please inform me.....

The thing I'm not sure about is this: is Julius Malema for real or is he a maliciously sanctioned propaganda imp with carte blanche to sow discord? Either way, his antics and rantings won't be doing this country any favours ahead of the "Greatest Show on Earth" due to kick off in a few months. One thing is certain: if I were a foreigner and informed of this crude debacle, I would be thinking a dozen times before I boarded a plane to come and watch my country's pride play for Soccer's most coveted prize!
Surely, those in high office should be sitting up and taking note of this grotesque demonstration of soap-boxing, or are they, will they..... want to, I mean? At the moment the silence is deafening.... Why has our esteemed president not stepped up to the podium and publicly removed this man from his office. It can be done: after all, he himself, was on the receiving end of such dismissal not so many years ago!
A side note to Julius: Well done, mate. Whether you're genuine, contrived or just plain delusional, you're doing just famously at possibly derailing the best chance this country ever had of actually standing proudly alongside all other host countries of the world and, for itself, perpetuating the miracle of reconciliation it has been lauded for, for almost two decades!!!
On the other hand, we may just be lucky and you will be labelled a raving lunatic, not to be taken seriously, which could present yet another uncomfortable scenario, when one considers a certain twentieth century lunatic who once started a World War!
The mischievous Facebook page which has been labelled a hoax (and now reported to have been shut down) has done the damage all the same. Regardless of any credentials that could be attached to it, it has recreated the old animosities, irrational ideologies and strife that existed before this country came to its senses.
I have just spent six years writing a novel on this self-same kind of madness; the unjust, pointless and dehumanising era of Apartheid, because I truly believed that the story I was telling was worthy of sharing - I still do!
It is with great sadness that I take note of these malicious discourses of recent days, both by the subject of this blog and his apparent supporters. The only thing I have left to say is: all right-minded, clear thinking South Africans, regardless of race or creed, should denounce this madness in the strongest possible terms and work in unison to rid our society of such charlatans! Those in positions of power and authority should step up to the plate, muzzle and remove him, if not because of public pressure, but in the spirit of all that is sane!!

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