Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Can a 'Top Deck' withstand the test of time?

My first novel, "Emma", published through Lulu.com, explores the possibility of interracial relationships and, in this case, it is set against the backdrop of Apartheid South Africa, from about 1973 to 1994, a particularly turbulent period in this country's history.

It must be remebered that in the years from 1950 to 1986, it was illegal and punishable, by court of law, for men and women of different races to commune or co-habit in a state of romantic connection and marriage. In fact, it was against the law for two people of different races and opposite sex, to be alone together, even if it were driving in a motor vehicle!!!

After the abolition of the mixed marriuages act, I remember my father's comment and it went something like this. "You cannot legislate how one person should or can feel about another." This stuck with me, as I had never expected to hear something like this from him. I am no particular advocate of either sticking with your own kind or crossing the colour line and to put it as succinctly as a journalist I recently met, remarked: "I don't see colour: we're all just people."

Since political emancipation in SA, the evidence of interracial romances and marriages has been one of almost undulating character, surfacing and then receding and resurfacing again, to the extent that it hasn't taken over the social scene in any big way, but I have noticed ever-increasing instances of it in the last year, or so. One almost conjures up the image of a Top Deck chocolate, the brown underlayer, topped with the milky bar.....

I have to agree and say it's not about the colour, but any disparities and potential incompatibilities that surface will come from the mixture of cultures. But then again that would apply to people of the same skin colour, but divergent cultural backgrounds.... or am I losing the plot here?

Given this background, I think the question begs: "Can a 'Top Deck' withstand the test of time??"


  1. I am looking forward to reading this. Thanks Allan.

  2. A wonderful romance set in the turbulent history of our own time. It brings the saying 'love conquers all' to mind ... enjoy! Barbara